Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wrapping it Up

With the Substantial Completion inspection less than a week away, the jobsite is in a flurry of activity.  Here are some progress shots of the exterior.

Men working forming the handicapped ramp at the South end of the building
Electrician installing the exterior canopy lighting.  Canopy glazing is due in next week.
With the job trailer gone, we get our first full view of the public entry.
Now that the exterior stucco system is complete, the roofers can complete their work.
Irrigation is being put in place prior to arrival of the landscape plantings
North stair tower looking substantially complete

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Equipment and Interiors

As soon as they finished installing the linoleum flooring in the Clinics and the Labs, Patterson Dental arrived with the Owner's Equipment package.

View towards Sterilization from the Dental Assisting Clinic.
Sterilization room cabinetry
Paired Simulators
Simulator slides under the teacher's worktop in the Sim Lab
Student lockers are now in place too
Outside the building, Santee Cooper, the local Power Utility, has provided a Vehicle Charger - Got a Volt?