Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Details - Mechanical Garden Screening

An architectural screen wall provides a common area for the Rooftop Mechanical equipment

The Architectural Design team grouped the Rooftop Mechanical equipment into a single area and surrounded it with a sculptural galvanized steel screening.  The open mesh panels behind the "X's" were requested by the local Community Appearance Board.  The area is known on the project as the Mechanical Garden.

The chiller platform in the foreground is elevated 4' above
the roof deck to facilitate roof repairs and maintenance.

Screen Wall Detail

Monday, October 10, 2011

Much Progress Has Been Made

Here are some recent pictures from the jobsite.

Building is topped and taking shape.
South Elevation.  The curved wall at the scaffold will be brick.

Workman re-applies spray-on
air and vapor barrier to the building envelope.
Masons building the firewall at the Connector

Team discusses the removable portion of the Rooftop Mechanical Screen